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NFL players could have an option to sit out in 2020 in a new proposal.

Rookies for the Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Texans, the 2 teams that will start the 2020 NFL season on Sept. 10 as matters currently stand, were alleged to report for the official beginning of coaching teams on Saturday, July 18. That date was pushed back to Monday, July 20, when COVID-19 testing will be reported for by rookies. Yet, the unknown generated by the coronavirus pandemic looms large.

With that said, we can begin to determine the NFL will appear within the 2020 season shape. And possibly the main question that we’d like to get answered lies in what the team is getting to do if players are throughout a scenario where they need to opt-out from playing this year as a result of pre-existing conditions, pre-existing conditions among relations or maybe concerns about COVID-19 within the NFL.
As reported by NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero (via Kevin Patra of, a replacement proposal could make that more tangible. This proposal would allow players to opt-out of the 2020 season by sending a written note to the league by Aug. 1. Ian Rapoport of all NFL media had also noted that an option to opt-out will be final.
Discussions between owners, the team, and therefore the NFL Players Association about what an NFL season within the coronavirus pandemic will probably appear as if and this is often another huge step there. Owners have also been discussing protocols for gameday and otherwise — which it’s about time since all teams are scheduled to be in training camp by July 28.
No matter having players make the option to opt-out by Aug. 1 is sensible from a front-office standpoint. There’s no fault during a player hoping to guard his family’s health or his health. As a corporation, the front office requires the quantity time as possible to potentially replace a player who adheres to opt-out in the 2020 season.

Though this is only zip and proposal that has been rectified, we will see if this is frequently the form that this takes or whether it’ll be another date that’s set. Either way, expect the NFL’s COVID-19 procedures to begin out to need shape over the days that are coming.

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